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About UXWiki[edit | edit source]

UXWiki is a free resource to help people and organization to learn about User Experience and its related fields.

Code of Conduct[edit | edit source]

Since we're just starting out, we'll keep things simple.

  1. is intended to be a reliable, fact-based forum. Please avoid including personal opinions articles. Of course, some topics may be the subject of professional debate. In those cases, please include cited opinions and arguments in a page section called "Criticisms", "Reviews", "Debates", or perhaps even, "Controversies". The point is to make it clear when something is fact or opinion.
  2. is not a place for airing grievances or personal attacks. While there may be cases where a person or product may be subject to criticism, similar to Point 1 above, those criticisms should be cited off the wiki.
  3. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  4. If you post existing work, be sure that you have rights and permissions to do so. If it's not yours, ask the owner, and provide a citation.
  5. Articles are free to create and edit. In the near-term there is no need to create a login account.

Creating Content[edit | edit source]

To facilitate consistency and clarity in the content on, we ask that authors follow a standard format for articles.

  1. What/Who is it?
  2. Why is this significant?
  3. Criticisms and reviews
  4. How/When to use.
  5. Details